Monday (7/22)

Today was our first official day. I went into it with a lot of unknowns and a little bit of being unsure, since this was a different community filled with different people. The children were just as wonderful…you can see the love of Christ in them so much…how easily they love, how patient and kind they are. 

As we reflected on the day in small groups, someone said how even if they are too young to fully understand the Gospel, by modeling Christ’s love, we can plant seeds which they can remember and can cause them to become curious about the church, allowing the pastor to follow up. I struggled with my Spanish a little; it truly is a challenge! I’m a little shy, so I pray that God would work in me and I would be willing to try to use the language!

One of my favorite moments from today was sitting with a boy and a girl. The boy came up to me and wanted to show off some of his English, saying, “hello, I love you!” Of course I kept talking to him and told him I knew a little bit of Spanish. He said the same about knowing English, so we greed to teach each other a little. We did colors, “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes,” and numbers. It was a wonderful one-on-one moment that I’ll treasure. It did some confirming for me…that TESOL may be a good place for me, that it is something I can be passionate about. A sweet little girl made me a craft that said “Cristo te ama.” That gesture of generosity blew me away. I wonder if I would ever be in a place that my heart would ever overflow to complete strangers as hers did. 

Kid’s Club was a bit chaotic, compared to last year…but it’s an organized chaos and it’s a good kind of crazy. It’s challenging to let go of the need for structure, and simply trust that God will work and plant seeds. 

The team began construction today. I wasn’t really involved, but they made a lot of progress and started connecting on the site. While they did that, we got to play and hang out with the kids who were lingering around the church. Special moments included watching a pick up basketball game, and watching guitar lessons happen. A sweet boy picked me a flower. 

I’m so blessed.

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