God is Constant

I was so glad to get back into the community today. I realized that I really missed it! We went on a home visit today, which was a really special experience. While we were there, the woman (Rosa) accepted Christ! It was really powerful! Praise the Lord! It was so cool to pray for and with a new sister in Christ. It was obvious that the angels were really rejoicing!

Today we celebrated a team member’s birthday (again!) with cake and a piñata! How special! It was lots of fun watching the community kids grab candy and enjoy the delicious cake from the bakery in Consuelo. 

Kid’s Club was fun, as always. It’s so special to really be able to connect. 

God is starting to reveal to me more and more that a missionary’s, or even a Christian’s in general, heart can never be too big. There should always be room for another relationship, hug, conversation, or friendship. Our openness and willingness to spend time with others should reflect the Father…in that He always has room to welcome another to His Kingdom, or to love HIs child another day, despite his/her shortcomings. How thankful I am that God’s love for me never runs out and His heart is never too full. That He is constant…and never says, “sorry, I’m busy loving someone else.” Praise the Lord.


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