Sweet Memories & Sad “So Longs” (7/26)

Today was so hard, as the last day always is. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand how in just a few days, my heart can be so full of joy because of people I have known for only 5 days. If this is how I feel, I cannot even begin to fathom how deep the Father’s love must be for His children.

One of my most special moments today was when I was taking a break from pulling nails out of some boards (Use your imagination to think about how that went……), my friend Estefani came up to me and we just started talking. Before I knew it, she opened up to me and told me her brother was sick and at the doctor. I asked her if it would be okay if we prayed for him, and so we did. I couldn’t believe that she would feel comfortable enough to share that with me.

Something else fun was that I had a decent conversation in Spanish…with an adult! I was so thankful that happened, because the entire week I had been feeling pretty shy about using my Spanish with adults…for some reason I just get extra nervous! Thank you, Señora Weller! I hope I made you proud!

We were also blessed to be able to meet our Compassion children. Both of them were very shy, but hey, I get that completely! I mean, I’d be horrified if random people came up to me and were like HEY, we’re the ones who write the letters! I can easily see how that would be overwhelming. However, it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to pray with them.

As we visited Consuelo, I definitely realized that I missed it. However, it is amazing to understand that this new community will hold an equally special place in my heart.

During this trip, the Lord showed me even more how He has given me a heart for the nations. (However, every Christian should have a heart for the nations!! See a future post…haha!) I feel like my heart doesn’t only live where my street address is. It also lives in the humid Dominican air, on the city streets of Allentown, or on the African plains. It lives with the long hugs, constant smiles, and welcoming hearts of those I am so privileged to serve, and who I have come to love. As always, I am having such a hard time putting into words how blessed I feel and how full my heart is. All I can say is, God is so good.

My new friends

My new friends

After praying with Estefani

After praying with Estefani

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