“The Most Important Part of a Person”

“But what is the good of helping their minds and their bodies if you cannot help heal their hearts? Is not the heart the most important part of a person?” -Lado (as cited by Arensen, 142, 2011). 

I was doing my reading homework for class this week, when I came across this quote, which really spoke to me.  As someone especially interested in missions and development, I was definitely struck by this.  However, I think it’s relevant to all followers of Christ, since we are all commanded to go and spread the Gospel.  

I’ve come to believe it is important to meet the physical needs of people, so that there will then be an opportunity to share the Gospel.  In other words, give a man some bread, so you can give him the Bread of Life.  Jesus did this throughout Scripture…always compassionately meeting people’s physical needs and then fulfilling their spiritual needs.  These things are both important and must go hand in hand.  Physical things last only for a time, but spiritual things are eternal.  Why only give a man what will satisfy him for a day, when God can use you to give him what satisfies forever?  I hope this quote from Chasing the Rain encourages, challenges, and convicts you, as it did for me. 

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