It’s so strange to think that in less than a week, I’ll be done with my first semester of college. So surreal. How did this happen? This is probably pretty cheesy, I know, but thinking back over the last 4 months, it’s pretty crazy. How did we get here? As I’ve been reflecting with different friends recently, it’s fun to think about the awkward first few days of friends-making, the moments that were so funny as they happened, but aren’t all that funny in actuality, and all the great times that have happened in between. But perhaps most of all, it’s amazing to look back and spot the instances where the hand of God is so evident. Those times where you realize, this is why God brought me here. Or, God put together these events so this could happen. God provided for me there, even though I doubted. He reminded me of His faithfulness then. 

It’s pretty encouraging to look back at all the laughs, hard times, shenanigans and stress of the semester, and even amidst the chaos of this thing we call Finals Week, God was/is carrying us through it all. I think it would be pretty special if we could all remember that and be thankful as we head into the last few days of the semester, move closer to Christmas, and start the second semester. 


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