Enseñame a Amar

A friend of mine introduced me to this beautiful song today.
Here are the lyrics:

Oh Señor, dame más de tu amor y verdad
Oh Señor, dame más de tu poder y gracia, Oh Dios
Enseñame a amar
Enseñame a ser como tu
Dame tu corazón, mi Dios

“Oh Lord, give me more of Your love and truth,
Give me more of Your power and grace.
Teach me how to love, teach me how to be like You,
Give me Your heart, my God.”

It’s truly so beautiful how God is still God no matter what language we worship in. It’s so exciting how the church is not limited by language or nationality and God is working all over the world in every corner of the globe.
This reminds me and takes me back to the times I have visited churches in different countries, understood little or nothing of what was being said, yet felt the Holy Spirit move so powerfully. God is so good, so powerful, so real.

1 Comment

  1. icedmocha34

    OOOOOh, I love Leeland! They have the most beautiful music!!!

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