“Our son was co…

“Our son was convinced that God wanted him to be in Egypt serving others during that year [of revolution]. With that as our foundation we were certain that the safest place for him to be was Cairo, Egypt.” -Dan Lacich of Provocative Christianity


Hey friends, it’s Michael Carpenter, Emily’s good Houghton pal who has agreed to write a guest blog post.

Emily and I talked tonight about this article. It’s about the idea that safety, comfort, and security can get in the way of living the Christian life. And it’s true! Too often, E-Dawg and I realized, we find ourselves making decisions against God’s will. We let ourselves off the hook when we do, though, because we can lean on our culture’s “common sense” that discourages any type of wild living for Jesus.

Let me be a college student for a minute, and talk about choosing a major. I have a lot of interests. I could be academically challenged and stimulated by a variety of programs at Houghton – writing, art, music education, international development, marketing, and so many others; they all sound (and are) great! This made choosing a major really difficult for me, as none of them seemed like they were wrong answers.

In the process of deciding what my major should be, I considered how much fun each would be during my time at Houghton, which ones would lead directly and easily into a job afterwards, which ones had people participating in it that I wanted to be friends with, etc. I took all of these things into account, but was mostly left even more confused.

I also heard God’s voice telling me from the beginning of my freshman year to choose Applied Design and Visual Communication – a graphic arts and technology program. In light of this, my decision should have been obvious; I should have followed God’s will!

Like, duh.

So duh!

Our tendency (for Emily and I at least) is to treat all these many variables – fun, money, God, and others – as equally important. But if we’re to take Jesus’ call seriously, that’s got to end. His plan is the most important by far.

We both have a lot of decisions left for the rest of our college careers. Right now I’m trying to figure out my next semester of courses, and Emily can’t figure out where to study abroad. But as long as we listen for God’s voice, these decisions don’t need to overwhelm us. Instead, we can feel totally safe, comfortable, and secure by being exactly where the Holy Spirit tells us to be. Maybe we won’t feel it, but ignoring God’s plan for us is the greatest danger of all – the danger of not really living a life we can be proud of when it’s over.

Love, joy, & peace,


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  1. Dan Lacich

    Thanks so much for mentioning the Provocative Christian Blog. I love the way you are approaching the decisions about your future in light of God’s call. I have no doubt the He is leading you both into an amazing journey that will impact many people for His glory.
    Dan Lacich

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