An Ode to Wikipedia

–In honor of the loopy phase that has now set in as a result of week-long honors paper writing, I think I’m going to depart from the usual…here is a celebration of the wonder that is Wikipedia–

Picture this. You wander around the library, and find your go to spot for studying and paper writing. WHAT? Someone is in there. What the heck do they think they’re doing? Don’t they know that you have a paper to write? And it’s YOUR spot. People these days clearly just don’t get your awesomeness. . . .you deserve this. . . .

So you finally find a new spot. Now you’re sitting in the library. It’s quiet…too quiet. The guy three cubicles over just sneezed. That’s really gross. And now you dropped your pen, and it feels like everyone can hear it in this deafening quiet. Oh, the library struggle.

Hours later, words later, paragraphs later…you’ve hit a block. Writer’s block. Your worst nightmare. So not okay. The blinking cursor on Word is taunting you. Your doc is filled with squiggly green lines and you know your grammar isn’t wrong! Silly Word. So again, that writer’s block thing. You’ve got it! You need just one more source to kind of clarify things. You pull up the Internet, and fight the horrible urge to go Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, social media, basically anything and everything that is more fun than this paper. Scroll through the Google results….nothing….nothing….nothing….PERFECT definition! Where’s it from? ……….Wikipedia.

Oh no! The unspeakable has happened! You need a source and all you have left to turn to is Wikipedia! Suddenly and all at once, all your high school teachers’ voices come into your head. “Never use Wikipedia!” “Wikipedia isn’t credible!” “WIKIPEDIA IS EVIL!!!!!” Do you cave? Do you do it? Do you search more? And then you wonder. Why can’t I use Wikipedia just this once and make life easier just this one time?

As a response to all the years’ of teachers’ collective groans over Wikipedia, here are some exciting, wonderful things about Wikipedia.

1. Wikipedia is accessible.

It’s always there. Never lets you down. You don’t need a password. You don’t have to pay. What else could a college kid want?

2. Wikipedia gets to the point.

Because there’s nothing worse than reading an article and staring at your screen, trying to sort through the “I’m gonna babble and pretend to be smart” lingo. Stop it, shut up.

3. You can play the Wikipedia game.

There’s nothing better than trying to get from lemur to jeggings in 6 clicks.

4. Wikipedia deserves some loving.

It’s been a long hard journey, of being knocking by teachers everywhere. Have a heart.

5. Wikipedia can fulfill all your dreams.

I mean, what other website can you edit so that it says you’re the Poptart Princess of Wisconsin? Maybe this is why professors hate Wikipedia. . . . .

So, if scrolling past Wikipedia in countless Google searches has left you feeling sad, fear not. You are not alone. And Wikipedia is actually awesome. The loopy stage has happened. It’s happening. And now, it’s time to sleep.

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